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1. Introduction

DINO is a high level dynamically-typed scripting language. DINO is designed taking such design principles as simplicity, uniformity, and expressiveness into account. Dino is oriented on the same domain of applications as the famous scripting languages Perl, Python, and Lua. Most programmers know the C programming language. Therefore Dino aims to look like C where it is possible. Dino is an object oriented language with garbage collection and pattern matching. Dino has possibilities of a concurrency execution and exception handling. Dino is an extensible language with the possibility of dynamic compilation and loading of a code written on the C language. The high level structures of Dino are

Originally, Dino was used in the Russian graphics company ANIMATEK for a description of the movement of dinosaurs in a project. It has been considerably redesigned and has been re-implemented with the aid of the COCOM tool set.

This document is not intended for use as a programmer's tutorial. It is a concise description of the language DINO and can be used as a programmer's reference.

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